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How to use the bbhugme Nursing Pillow

Whether you’re using breast or bottle, much of your first year as a parent will be spent holding and feeding your baby. For many, a quality Nursing Pillow is a critical tool for preventing aches and strains on your body, establishing a good latch (if you’re breastfeeding), and providing a comfortable, healthy position for your baby during feeding sessions. 

With adjustable firmness and a microbead filling that allows the pillow to shape to your body, the bbhugme Nursing Pillow can help you and your baby achieve success in your feeding journey together. 

Before you start using your pillow, check out this guide to help you get the most out of your investment.  

In this article, you’ll learn all about how to use your Nursing Pillow:

  • How to assemble your Nursing Pillow
  • Adjusting your Nursing Pillow for use
  • Positions and ways to use your Nursing Pillow
  • How to care for your Nursing Pillow
  • Safety guidelines

bbhugme nursing pillow cover

How to assemble your pillow 

1. Unpack the pillow from the storage bag. The Nursing Pillow consists of three parts: an inner pillow, a cover and two Pebbles.

2. Pull the cover over the inner pillow, leaving extra fabric at each end.

3. Secure each end with the Pebbles by threading the extra fabric through each Pebble and pushing them toward the center of the pillow.

4. Slide the Pebbles in or out to adjust the firmness of the pillow. For more firmness, tighten the Pebbles. If you want less volume and firmness, loosen the Pebbles. 


Adjusting your pillow for use 

One feature that makes the bbhugme Nursing Pillow unique is its versatility. While most Nursing Pillows have a static “one size fits all” shape, ours offers adjustable firmness and a tie-around design. This allows you to adjust and adapt the pillow to your body and your baby’s needs.  

  • Start by wrapping the pillow around your waist, and tie the fabric ends in a secure knot. Sit down and place your baby on the pillow, ensuring that they are securely situated.  
  • If you find the pillow to be too firm or too soft, untie it and adjust the firmness by sliding the Pebbles. If needed, you can adjust the height of the pillow by moving it up or down on your body and securing it again with the ties. If you’re breastfeeding, this adjustability allows you to find the perfect height and position to secure a good latch, which is critical to successful breastfeeding. 
  • As your baby grows, you can continue to adjust the height, shape, and firmness of your pillow to meet both of your needs. 


See our instructional video here:


Positions and ways to use your Nursing Pillow

By Kendall Sonnenberg, International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant

1. Cradle/Cross-Cradle position

This is perhaps the most common position to breastfeed your baby. Place your baby on his side, making sure he is facing you with his whole body. Position his arms around the breast like a hug. Scoot him down, in the direction of his feet, so that your nipple is pointing up to his nose. This will help him tilt his head back and “land” on the breast with his chin first.

When you see baby open his mouth wide, just offer gentle pressure with your hand behind his shoulder blades and bring him to breast. You can opt to have your arm under his head for extra support if needed, as shown in the photo below. (The model is wearing our Everyday Nursing Bra.)

mother breastfeeding baby


2. Football/Rugby hold

This is a nice hold for mothers who have had a c-section as there is less pressure on the abdomen. However, anyone can benefit from this comfortable feeding position. Place the baby on his back or side, depending on the size of your breast and how your baby latches on best. You may find it helpful to point your hips/knees in away from the baby in order to create more room for baby to wrap around you.

For example, if the baby is positioned on your left side, point your knees to the right to create that space. Like with the cradle hold, position baby just below the breast, wait for their wide-open mouth, and offer gentle support behind the shoulder blades to bring him to your breast.  


3. Bottle feeding

Bottle feeding also takes time and it’s important that you and your baby are well supported. Start by positioning baby on the pillow in a cradle hold on his back. It's ideal to have him as upright as possible, so that he is in control of the flow of milk. Parents should also make sure to watch baby closely during feeding, to make sure that the baby is comfortably feeding. Offer breaks if needed. If the flow of milk is too fast, consider lowering the bottle so that it is more parallel to the floor, or you can try a slower flow nipple.  

mother bottle feeding baby with nursing pillow


4. Holding your baby upright after feeds

Holding your baby upright is a good way to make sure your baby is comfortable while he digests his milk and feels settled after the feed. It is also a perfect opportunity to let burps out if needed! The vertical position and slight pressure on his belly will help to release any air that he swallowed. Use our pillow to support your arms or baby’s bum while you hold him, with good support behind his back or neck, depending on how reclined you are. Don’t forget to put a burp cloth on your shoulder to catch any messes. 


How to care for your Nursing Pillow 

Inner Pillow: The inner pillow should never be washed in the washing machine. If needed, you can spot-clean it with a damp towel.  

Outer Cover: The outer cover is machine washable (104°F/40°C). Hang to dry (do not tumble dry). Since feedings can be messy, you should also consider buying an extra cover to help with frequent washings. 

Pebbles: The Pebbles can be washed in the dishwasher or hand washed with warm water. 

Use the included travel bag for storing your pillow or transporting it when you’re feeding on-the-go. 


Safety guidelines 

To prevent serious injury or death: 

  • The bbhugme Nursing Pillow is for adult use only 
  • Only use pillow for nursing and feeding baby 
  • Do not leave baby unattended 
  • Adult supervision is required 
  • The Nursing Pillow is not a product suitable for sleep 


We hope your bbhugme Nursing Pillow brings you and your baby comfort and support. For any questions related to the use or care of your product, please don’t hesitate to contact us 


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