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How to use the bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow


Pregnant woman resting with a pregnancy pillow 

For many women, having trouble sleeping and getting comfortable is one of the biggest challenges during pregnancy. 

With adjustable firmness and a microbead filling that makes the pillow shape to your body, the bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow can help you find a comfortable, safe position for sleep, while providing full-body support to relieve pressure and prevent pain and discomfort, from day to night.  

Before you start using your pillow, check out this guide to help you get the most out of your investment.  

In this article, you’ll learn all about how to use your bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow: 

  • How to assemble your pregnancy pillow 
  • When to start using your pregnancy pillow 
  • The best ways to sleep and rest with your pregnancy pillow 
  • How to care for your pregnancy pillow 


How to assemble your pregnancy pillow 

1. Unpack the pillow from the storage bag. The bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow consists of three parts: an inner pillow, a cover and two Pebbles.

2. Pull the cover over the inner pillow, leaving extra fabric at each end.

3. Secure each end with the Pebbles by threading the extra fabric through each Pebble and pushing them toward the center of the pillow.

4. Slide the Pebbles in or out to adjust the firmness of the pillow. For more firmness, tighten the Pebbles. If you want less volume and firmness, loosen the Pebbles. 

See our instructional video here: 


When to start using your pregnancy pillow 

Sleep and rest are important throughout all nine months of pregnancy, so we recommend that you start using the bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow as early as possible. While your belly may not need support until later in pregnancy, creating proper body alignment can help prevent certain pains and discomforts from developing. 

how to use the bbhugme pregnancy pillow


The best ways to sleep and rest with your pregnancy pillow 

1. Side sleeping.

According to the American Pregnancy Association and the NHS side sleeping is the safest position for sleep, especially during the later stages of pregnancy. For many women, it’s also the only position that can comfortably accommodate your belly. The bbhugme pillow is designed to provide 5-point body support while lying on your side, help you to stay on your side, and prevent wakeups.

To get comfortable using your pillow, start by adjusting the firmness by sliding the two Pebbles in or out. Lie down on your side next to the pillow and tuck it under your belly and between your knees and ankles. Depending on the size of your belly and the level of support you need, you can adjust the firmness again until you find the right position and level of support that’s most comfortable for you. Depending on your height, you can either rest your head on the Pregnancy Pillow or use a regular pillow.  

pregnant woman sleeping with a pregnancy pillow

2. Behind-the-back support while sitting. 

It's not just sleep that can be uncomfortable during pregnancy - even sitting and relaxing comfortably can be a feat! Wrap the bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow around your back to provide support for your lower back, shoulders, and arms while you're seated on the sofa or in bed.

3. Elevating your head and shoulders. 

Nausea and heartburn are common throughout pregnancy and elevating your head while relaxing in bed or sleeping can often provide relief. Fold your pillow into a v-shape and place it behind your shoulders and head. Adjust the firmness to provide more or less elevation as needed. The Pregnancy Pillow can be used by itself or as extra support under your regular head pillow. 

 Pregnant woman resting with a pregnancy pillow

4. Support when feeding your baby. 

After your baby arrives, the bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow can be a great companion throughout your postpartum journey. You can use it to provide support behind your lower back while using a Nursing Pillow in front.

 woman breastfeeding baby


How to care for your pregnancy pillow 

Inner Pillow: The inner pillow should never be washed in the washing machine. If needed, you can spot-clean it with a damp towel.  

Outer Cover: The outer cover is machine washable (104°F/40°C). Hang to dry (do not tumble dry). You can also buy an extra cover to help with frequent washings. 

Pebbles: The Pebbles can be washed in the dishwasher or hand washed with warm water. 

Use the included travel bag for transporting and storing your pillow.  


We hope your bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow brings you hugs, comfort, and rest. For any questions related to the use or care of your product, please don’t hesitate to contact us 

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