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Everyone wants a piece of my breastfeeding pillow! It has made feeding my baby much more comfortable. I absolutely adore this pillow! Thank you!

Comfy, with a few quirks

I bought this pillow around the beginning of the second trimester. It's generally very comfortable and I am enjoying sleeping with it. However, the long ends of the pillow case tend to get caught/stuck/tangled and make it a bit harder to move around than I'd prefer.

Great investment

After trying multiple other pillows I finally got good rest with this one! Only complaint is it smelled strongly of plastic when it first arrived but after 12 hours outside airing out, no residual odor!

Great cover, wish I got it for free!

Unfortunately I ordered my bbhugme before the free cover promotion, otherwise it’s fine.

I’ve tried 3 different pillows already and this one is the best!

So far the best pregnancy pillow! I like the fact that it does not make me feel hot, easy to handle with feet, and you can adjust the firmness of the pillow. It also does not look like a pregnancy pillow and is not as bulky as others so you can keep using it after the pregnancy to watch tv or read a book, they also come in great colors, I will be getting another one for support on my back, I was thinking of tying the two ends of the pillows together so that they don’t separate. It is totally worth the money.

Good support and fit!

I think it's great that I can use them after birth too, they give me a little extra belly support. They were great in the middle of my pregnancy, but towards the end they were too small for my belly.

Great support

Great support. Keeps everything in the “right place”. Very comfortable material. Good breathability. Love that the solution is without seams.

Great support

Great support. Keeps everything in the “right place”. Very comfortable material. Good breathability. Love that the solution is without seams.

Good support

I loved the bra and the fact that it was without any opening/locking solution. Very easy to put on. It gives good support without feeling too tight, fits like a sports top. I easily got used to how to get the breast out in order to give the baby proper space around the breast.

I was skeptical, but...

After seeing this pillow raved about multiple times on YouTube, I was curious but skeptical. Everyone claimed that it improved their sleep, but I wondered HOW it was able to do that. I wasn't experiencing any sleep problems, my belly wasn't that big (yet), and I balked at the $200 price tag. But, the return policy was good and eventually I decided to take the gamble.

The downside: I still don't know how it works.

The upside: I've never slept so deeply in my life.

Other than my nightly pilgrimage to the bathroom (worst part of pregnancy so far), when I go to sleep hugging this pillow I don't open my eyes until morning. I'm so darn comfortable that I don't even MOVE in my sleep. I go to bed on my right side, I wake up on my right side. I go to bed on my left side, I wake up on my left side. Even my cat likes it, regularly sleeping in the "valley" made between me and the pillow. I can't even be mad at the price anymore. All in all, I highly recommend.

Wife loves it

I’ve been sneaking in naps with it too tbh

Pregnancy Pillow
Marigold Palmer-Jones
Life saver

Everyone said don’t buy a pregnancy pillow, they take up space, just use a normal pillow. I had covid while pregnant in a heatwave and needed some comfort and sleep and a friend recommended the bbhugme. I can honestly say I’ve slept well every night since it arrived. I think it’ll become a permanent feature in our household even caught my husband cuddling it one morning.

Excellent quality

I have the bbhugme nursing pillow with a blue cover and I absolutely love it. We use it for every feed time and sometimes even use it for snuggles and naps. Super comfy! I ordered an extra cover in grey colour and I’m delighted with the purchase!

Pregnancy Pillow
Alice Alton
Love it

Highly recommend changed my sleep

Not sure how I feel

I just got my new pillow last week. I was expecting the same quality & feel as the pregnancy pillow I purchased last year, for the nursing pillow, but it’s not what I hoped, I hate to say. The coarser beads inside make It feel more rough not soft like a human body to cuddle or snuggle. It’s definitely not as comfortable to touch & I’m not sure how it would feel to my baby once she’s here. I may return it but I’m going to see how the first couple weeks goes.

Neues Lieblingskissen

Sowohl in der Nacht aber auch tagsüber einfach schön! Ich liebe auch das Design

Nursing Pillow
Jillian Buckley
Favorite nursing item

I love this pillow! I have all of the boppies, my brest friend, etc... and I just love my BBHug me. It's the prettiest one and the most versatile, I'm still using it 10 months in and plan on keeping it after the baby is grown and goes off to college.

Laura T.
The perfect one!

Since before I gave birth I was looking for a breastfeeding pillow, but couldn't find one firm enough that could hug my body just right and also stay in the same place when you put baby to breast. Amazing! Good for sleeping too 🥰 this is going to be my gift for every pregnant friend 😍

Pregnancy Pillow
Daria Plamada
Amazing pillow

This pillow was recommended to me by a birthing center. At first I was skeptical because I purchased two other pregnancy pillows that were useless. Boy was I wrong! This pillow is the best thing I’ve ever had and I will continue to sleep with this even after the baby is born. Best body pillow out there!

Pregnancy Pillow
Heath Morrison

Pregnancy Pillow

Love it

Game changer! Made a huge difference in my sleep. I’m not tossing around all night anymore

Pregnancy Pillow
Leona Hall-Shaw
Sheets don’t fit

My actual review is on Trustpilot. They sell the sheets as ‘single’ but don’t put measurements, so there’s extra inches of room around the top and sides both of the duvet and pillow cases. Too late to return as tried on.

Pregnancy Pillow
Laura Tighe
Pregnancy pillow

Super happy with this

Pregnancy Pillow
Hilary Kay
Finally able to sleep

Exactly what I needed for a good night sleep. Thank you!

Hi Hilary,

So happy to hear this!

Hugs, bbhugme


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