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Extra Pregnancy Pillow Cover
Mariana Vidigal Costa
Pillow cover

Beautiful colour and amazing quality

Best nursing pillow for exclusively breastfeeding mamas

This is the most comfortable nursing pillow ever! I exclusive breastfeed my daughter and she is SO comfortable on this pillow while she feeds. It makes it a really great experience for the both of us. Also my neck doesn’t feel so strained because the pillow is at a good height between myself and the baby. The pillow really does form to you and the baby. I regret not having this pillow from the beginning and can’t wait to gift this or recommend to other new moms!

Favorite Nursing Pillow

After using bbhugme‘s incredibly comfortable pregnancy pillow my entire pregnancy and every night since birth, I knew I needed to try this nursing pillow. As a brand new mom, I’ve used three other brands so far and this is my favorite pillow to nurse with. I lay it flat across my lap rather than tying around my waist. (My glider supports the ends.) I love how the length supports my baby from head to toe as he grows. It is basically a mini version of the pregnancy pillow and so soft and cozy. I also appreciate that it can become more firm if needed just by tightening the ends. Can’t wait to bring it with us on my baby’s first plane ride.

Lovely but so expensive

I ordered the green leaf pillow cover, and the design and material are both fantastic quality. I knocked one star off for it costing me almost £40 after postage, it’s just so expensive, and another star off because they can’t be tumble dried.

Pregnancy Pillow
Avery Bedford
I love it

And will love it forever

Pregnancy Pillow
Elizabeth Littleton
It really is that good.

I’ve seen a lot of great things about this pillow and thought I’d give it a try. Believe it all! Lol. I am so glad I got this! My toddler and kids also love this pillow. Very comforting and comfortable already at 18 weeks pregnant with my sixth baby. This will continue to be amazing after birth too. I’m sure of it. ❤️

Great pregnancy pillow

This pillow is really helpful in finding a comfortable sleeping position while pregnant. I also like that it’s not bulky like the other pregnancy pillows and flexible to accommodate pretty much any sleeping position.

Pregnancy Pillow
Tracy Justice

Absolutely wonderful!!!

Pregnancy Pillow
Angela June
Best pillow!!

Great pillow!! This pillow has made sleeping so much more comfortable! It is very easy to move around and the texture keeps its firmness solid but soft. I also like how the case comes off for easy washing.

Pregnancy Pillow
Johanna Y
Still haven't received my order

I was super excited to order my pregnancy pillow from BBHugme due to all the rave reviews I've seen and heard. Knowing the holidays were coming, I ordered during the black Friday sale, which was a win win for price, but also if it was a little delayed due to the holiday rush I was still pretty early in my pregnancy (~7 weeks) and would get it in time.

Unfortunately, it seems like my order was lost in transit. I'm giving 2 stars because customer service has been semi-responsive and said they will send me another pillow, but it seems the warehouse has yet to ship my pillow out as I haven't received any new shipment confirmation. So 4 weeks later, I am still awaiting my pillow. I hope it's all that I've heard it will be! But I am disappointed in the service at this point.

Hi Johanna, we are very sorry to hear your order got lost in transit and that you also experienced an issue with the order that was reshipped to you. Although we give our best to dispatch orders as soon as possible, our warehouse experienced an issue due to the item being out of stock. We will combine the extra cover and pebbles in Seashell beige that we have in stock and add a new Pregnancy pillow kit. This way, you will receive an extra cover and a pair of pebbles free of charge. We are again sorry for the inconvenience and we will reach back to you as soon as your new tracking number is available. Thank you for your patience.

Beautiful design!

Beautiful, soft just wish it was a little less being just the cover but overall a happy camper here! My husband doesn’t mind having it on the bed now 😆😊

Good teethers, too!

I got these to use as teethers after my baby enjoyed them thoroughly while I was washing my cover. They’re a popular toy now, too!

Pregnancy Pillow
Rocio Otero
Still deciding

I don’t feel that this pillow is necessarily allowing my body to rest better than my regular body pillow. I would hope that it would be better filled maybe that would help.

Hi Rocio, thank you for your feedback. We have a 30-day return guarantee during which you can use your bbhugme up until 30 days and if not happy, return it for a refund. Sometimes it takes time before your body adjusts to the pillow and before you experience all the benefits. The pillow is intentionally not filled 100% so that it can be adjustable and able to mold to your body. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at hello@bbhugme.com. Hugs, bbhugme

Great for grandparents, too.

The nursing pillow makes it easier to bottle feed my grandchild. It's very relaxing and enjoyable for the both of us. I use it to carry my 3 months old grandchild around the houses too. It sure saves my back. It also works well as a sofa pillow, for back support again. :-). I bought two nursing pillow and gifted one away. I may buy another one if it goes on sale.

Ultimate body pillow for ANYONE

I don’t know how I found this brand, or why they market it specifically for pregnancy, but it’s the holy grail of body pillows….for ANYONE. I’m not pregnant, and my kids are grown with kids of their own. I was on a quest for “the” body pillow and went through MANY before finding one of these treasures used (not wanting to spend more money than I already have if it ended up not working for me). I travel with this pillow y’all….as a checked bag. It is THAT amazing that I just don’t want to sleep without it, especially when I’m not in my own bed. I have L4 spondylolisthesis plus broke my tailbone a couple months ago. This pillow is SO AMAZING for anyone that has back pain. The fact that you can shift the “beads” in it to give a little more here and less there for the position you’re settled into is just awesome. Fiber filled body pillows just don’t quite do the job (I even paid a pretty penny for a Japanese one). Shredded foam gets too hot, and just doesn’t have the perfect loft no matter what you do. I tried a microbead body pillow from Amazon…..it wasn’t horrible, but just makes you want this one that much more because it’s an “almost doesn’t count” thing. This pillow checks all the boxes and not something I can do without now that I have it. It’s very pricey, which made me cringe at first, but after having one now, I get it. You definitely get what you pay for here, y’all. Get the dang thing already. Buy once, cry once,….then drift away into your own personal Goldilocks experience with this incredible pillow.

Nursing Pillow
Devon Morales
The perfect nursing pillow!

I love how how comfortable it is, and that it is flexible enough and the perfect size to use in any type of chair. I am very happy with this purchase!

Pregnancy Pillow
Laura Rutter
Best purchase

I can not recommend this pillow enough, I do not think I would have been able to get a good nights sleep without it.
It can be shaped into so many different positions and is very comfortable. It’s has been the best pregnancy purchase I have made and I would recommend it to everyone !
I have washed the cover several times and it has maintained its shape and the fabric has remained like new!

Nursing Pillow
Kathleen Clyne
Gift for daughter

We bought this for our daughter before we knew it was going to be a caesarean birth. She has found this beyond helpful and so comfortable on her wound and for baby positioning. Wonderfully made, feels safe and secure to use. Her midwife was very impressed with it.

Emilie Kokkin
Bra produkt

Bra produkt, fungerer som det skal. rask levering, 5 stjerner :)

Best gift for someone pregnant!

This pillow is amazing, it shapes to your body and makes you feel so supported. I especially liked to use it to keep my hips opened up and to support my back while lying on my left side. I used it through two pregnancies, for support while breastfeeding (hello hands-free feeding!) and even took it to the hospital for my birth. I use it now (after having two children) when I have a bad back and the children often borrow it to get comfy on the sofa. I love it.

Nydelig trekk

Veldig fornøyd med trekket. Gjør at puten pyntet opp istedet for å måtte gjemme den triste grå greia :)

Pregnancy Pillow
Sydney Tons
Comfy Pregnant Women

I love this pillow! It shapes to my body and belly which truly supports me during sleep.

Pregnancy Pillow
Lucy Bassil
Amazing pillow

I've been using this pillow since early pregnancy - it's the best purchase I've made, definitely worth the money

Pregnancy Pillow
Heidi Ekis
Buy this!!!

Spent hours researching body pillows for pregnancy and finally settled on this one. Could not be happier with this purchase. I use it for sleeping as well as wrapped around my low back when sitting in bed or on the couch to read/work with a laptop. So nice to purchase something that I know I’ll continue to use post partum and beyond. It’s long enough to provide support for chest, belly, knees and ankles but doesn’t feel bulky, so rolling from side to side is no problem.

Pregnancy Pillow
Aileen Gonzalez
Too hot

This pillow makes it too hot in the middle of the night for me, not sure if it's the case or the beads but haven't been able to use it and it is an expensive pillow. Purchase with caution.

Hi Aileen,

Sorry to hear that you didn’t have a great experience with your bbhugme. Just so you know, we have a Love-it Guarantee where you can send back the pillow and get a full refund if returned within 30 days. Please reach out to us at hello@bbhugme.com and we will send you further instructions.

Hugs, bbhugme


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