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Vi er stolte av vårt samarbeid med Future Dreams | Breast Cancer Charity

Vi er stolt av å ha inngått et samarbeid med den veldedige organisasjonen Future Dreams som har fokus på å hjelpe kvinner som er berørt og rammet av brystkreft. 

Future Dreams Breast Cancer Charity

Oktober er måneden der det er ekstra fokus på brystkreft-saken. Vi vil derfor donere 25% av oktober-salget vårt fra amme- flaskemating- produkter til Future Dreams og deres viktige arbeid. Dette inkluderer alle amme-bh'er, ammeputer, og ekstra trekk til ammeputen. 

Pink nursing pillow

Les mer om Future Dreams og vårt samarbeid her (engelsk): 


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and as a brand built around women’s health and wellbeing, we at bbhugme are proud to partner with Future Dreams Breast Cancer Charity.  

By donating a portion of our sales to Future Dreams, we will be helping to raise funds and awareness about this devastating disease that affects 1 in 7 women each year. 

Future Dreams House in central London is the only specialized breast cancer support center in the UK. They provide a non-medical environment that offers emotional and  physical support for those touched by breast cancer.

Future Dreams' offerings include workshops and classes that assist women in managing the symptoms and issues of diagnosis and treatment. This includes stress and anxiety, exercise and nutrition, and body image and hair loss, as well as offering crucial bra fitting services and breast care nurse support.  Support is accessed in person and online, ensuring that their services are fully accessible. Future Dreams believes nobody faces breast cancer alone.

We are pleased to be amongst their recommended products that can provide comfort during the traumatic and uncomfortable process of breast cancer procedures.  

“We always recommend the bbhugme pregnancy pillow for women who are undergoing breast surgery, as it an incredible support to their sleep and recovery,” says Sam Jacobs, Future Dreams Trustee.  

Women with bbhugme pregnancy pillow

Carly, pictured above, was one of the women who benefited from the bbhugme pillow. "After the surgery I had, which was a double mastectomy and diep flap reconstruction, getting comfortable was an almost impossible task. I couldn't lie flat, my legs needed propping up and I was in a lot of discomfort. The bbhugme does exactly what it says. It hugs you. It allows you to mould in with the pillow for that extra support and it gave me my first decent night sleep after surgery. It was the hug I needed after this huge surgery."

Both the bbhugme pregnancy pillow and nursing pillow were developed by healthcare professionals to promote improved sleep, support, and comfort. The versatile design of the pillows means that you can adjust the firmness and shape to meet the unique needs of your body.

Pink nursing pillow


About Future Dreams: Future Dreams was founded in 2008 by mother and daughter Sylvie Henry and Danielle Leslie who were both diagnosed with breast cancer and tragically died within 18 months of one another in 2009 and 2010. Since then, Future Dreams has continued their legacy in raising funds for breast cancer support, awareness and research into secondary breast cancer.  

Learn more about the inspiring work being done by Future Dreams at futuredreams.org.uk. 

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