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6 things to look for in a nursing pillow

Have you been considering a nursing pillow? If you are, you've likely found tens, maybe hundreds, of options and you're feeling a little overwhelmed by all the choice.

We wanted to make things a little easier for you, and so we put together a list of the top qualities that you need to look for when choosing the right nursing pillow. Think of this as an ‘essentials’ checklist to run in your head as you’re going through your options, and there’s no going wrong.

1. Support

Support is your top priority when choosing a nursing pillow. You want to look for a pillow that alleviates any neck and back strain while feeding – common complaints for breast and bottle-feeding parents, alike.

You also want a pillow that will support your baby so that your baby's head, neck, and spine and well-aligned. This makes for a relaxed, comfortable feed for both baby and you.

2. Adjustability

Every mum and baby is different. Also, your baby is going to change and grow every day, and so a pillow that is comfortable for the first two months might soon become too big or obtrusive if you cannot adjust it.

Look for a pillow that can adjust to your baby and you most comfortably – your bodies, shape, and size. You want a pillow that you can squeeze, fold and shape however you like, so you can use it for feeds on the couch, in bed, and perhaps even an airplane seat.

An adjustable pillow will also be perfect for those times when dad, grandma, the nanny, or anyone else might need to take over for a bottle-feed.

3. Easy to Clean

Feeding is going to be downright messy – so consider yourself warned! Be sure to look for a pillow that has a removable cover that you can toss in the wash every time there's a spill or a leak.

Want a pro-mama-tip? Have extra covers on hand so you can quickly make things dry and comfortable and let your baby drift into a happy, full-bellied nap.

4. Easy to Carry Around

A portable, easy-to-carry nursing pillow is perhaps the one quality you absolutely cannot skip out on. As you get more comfortable (and adventurous) feeding, you’ll want to feed in the living room, perhaps at the kitchen table while the dinner’s warming up or even on a lawn chair on a sunny day.

You might also want to feed on the go when you step out of the house. For all of these reasons, you need a nursing pillow that is small, lightweight, and preferably something that comes with an easy carry bag. We’ve got this well-covered (literally) with our bbhugme Nursing Pillow, in case you haven’t checked it out yet!

5. Safe, natural materials

For ultimate comfort and safety, look carefully through the materials used inside and outside any nursing pillow you are considering. Look for natural, breathable, and certified materials.

The bbhugme Nursing Pillow is filled with BioFoam®, which is CO2 neutral, non-hazardous, and hygienic. It is also odour-free with natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. The outer cover too is safety-tested and certified to the highest standard, Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX Class 1.

6. Longevity and Multi-Use

Your nursing pillow is going to see a lot of use when you're feeding, so a high-quality, durable pillow is certainly a plus. But it's worth looking for a pillow that you can use after it's served its nursing purpose, too.

For an added benefit, how about looking for a pillow that looks good too so you can throw it around as a casual addition to the living room? A nursing pillow is a new-mum essential, and this list should help you figure out exactly what you should be looking for when you’re choosing one.

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